Saturday, March 28 | Outside the Box | SIU

Southern Illinois University



College of Liberal Arts

Saturday, March 28: Featured Guests (Night 2)

7:30 PM ♦ Shryock Auditorium

Don’t miss the second evening of completely contemporary chamber and electro-acoustic music featuring the works of guest composer Stephen Taylor, along with compositions by Sean Harold, Jay Needham, Daniel Zajicek, and Christopher Walczak. Outside The Box is proud to welcome back pianist Andrew Staupe.

Stephen Taylor   Sean Harold   Jay Needham

Daniel Zajicek   Christopher Walczak   Andrew Staupe


  • From silence comes
    Daniel Zajicek
  • Calx
    — Stephen Taylor
  • Graceful Exit.0
    — Jay Needham
  • ,..,...,,.
    — Sean Harold
  • Tricentric Space
    — Christopher Walczak
  • there is no image...there is no poetry
    — Sean Harold
  • Inspiral
    — Stephen Taylor