Friday, March 27 | Outside the Box | SIU

Southern Illinois University



College of Liberal Arts

Friday, March 27: Featured Guests (Night 1)

7:30 PM, Carbondale Community Arts ♦ Artspace 304

304 W Walnut St, Carbondale, IL

Outside The Box and Carbondale Community Arts present an evening of new music by featured guest artists! The concert includes electro-acoustic compositions, live electronics, solo works and acoustic chamber music. The SIU School of Music welcomes composer Stephen Taylor along with pianist Andrew Staupe and saxophonist Chris Anderson. You’ll hear the new works of composers Benjamin Krause, Kathleen Ginther, Eric Mandat, and Christopher Walczak.

Stephen Taylor   Andrew Staupe   kathleen-ginther.jpg

Benjamin Krause   mandat-175.jpg   Chris Anderson

Chris Walczak


  • River Pauses
    Christopher Walczak
  • Living With Her
    — Stephen Taylor
  • Wind Aria
    — Stephen Taylor
  • Two Reflections on the Crab Nebula
    — Eric Mandat
  • Subitus
    — Benjamin Krause
  • Dark Blue Etude
    — Christopher Walczak
  • the space between
    — Kathleen Ginther
  • Seven Memorials
    — Stephen Taylor
  • For Jen
    — Stephen Taylor