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Apollo Chamber Players

Apollo Chamber Players has “found fruitful territory” (Houston Chronicle) in its hometown of Houston, TX and around the world through innovative, globally-focused programming and multicultural new music commissions. Over the past decade the ...read full profile >>

Stephen Dembski

Several years ago, after 35 years of altruistic service to the deep state of academia via “teaching” composition at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, Stephen Dembski quit, to get back to work. Since then, he’s devoted himself to ...read full profile >>

Arthur Gottschalk

A man whose music is described as “infectious , loud, and fun” (Gramophone Magazine), and “fascinatingly strange” (BBC Music Magazine), award-winning composer Arthur Gottschalk is Professor of Music Composition at Rice ...read full profile >>

BluHill Percussion Duo

The BluHill Percussion Duo includes members Dr. Colin Hill and Professor Brian Blume. Colin and Brian both earned their Master’s degrees from Indiana University, where they regularly performed together. After graduating, their artistic collaborations ...read full profile >>

Kristin Sarvela

A native of Southern Illinois, Dr. Kristin Sarvela joined the faculty of Eastern Illinois University in 2016, where she teaches oboe and music theory, and joined the faculty of the University of Illinois at Springfield in 2017, where she teaches oboe. She earned a Bachelor ...read full profile >>

Derek Emch

Derek Emch

Derek Emch is a clarinetist, improviser, and budding composer. He is a founding member of the John McCowen Quartet, Squirrel Noir, Vive Ensemble, and N/A Ensemble. His varied career in music has led to several notable performances, including Music for 18 Musicians at Southern ...read full profile >>

Paul Hertz

Paul Hertz

Paul Hertz is an independent artist, teacher, and curator. He has worked with computers for over thirty years, producing an extensive and varied body of algorithmic and interactive art. In Spain from 1971 to 1983, he collaborated with ...read full profile >>