Digital Readership of Articles and Papers By Dr. Douglas Worthen exceeds 30,000 Full-text Downloads

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Dr. Worthen exceeds 30,000 Downloads on Full Text Papers

SIU Dr WorthenEach month,  Digital Commons provides statistics of Morris Library's OpenSIUC research and creative activity open access repository. This map shows the total downloads and locations of Dr. Worthen's music analysis and semiotic research.

Music research can take a wide variety of forms. Newly discovered pieces, analyses of music, theoretical and historical documents can all be uploaded to Open SIUC, Morris Library's open access website. The worldwide readership is astonishingly high, and metrics of download activity include the names and locations of the institutions where these downloads have taken place. Clusters of the highest activity indicate where this research is of greatest interest. This map is a general overview of Dr. Worthen's submissions.

SIU Dr Worthen Map

Dr. Douglas Worthen, is the Associate Professor of Flute and Music History at SIU Carbondale. Read more about his profile as a professor here.

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