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Joli Murphy Senior Project

December 15, 2020


Hello! I’m Joli Murphy, and I am a Music student at Southern-Illinois-University-Carbondale (SIUC). For my senior year of college I decided to do my senior project on women in music history. I am so incredibly fascinated by women in the music industry and women’s stories, so I felt this would be a great area for me to study for my final project. I am receiving a Bachelors in Music with a Secondary Area in Radio, Television, and Digital Media in December of 2020. Because of the structure of my degree I felt it would be the best choice to make an small concept album (4 songs) displaying my research and creative thought process when reading on these women. The women I have decided to write about are, composer and pianist Clara Schumann, composer and prodigy Nanneral Mozart, and famous writer George Sand.

I wrote, recorded, edited, produced, engineered and mastered every track on this project myself. I also used the DAW Ableton Live to make this project come to life. This project was made from August of 2020 to December 2020 in my apartment bedroom.

Thank you for listening, I hope you find inspiration to look more into these women’s lives after listening!

Setlist Info:

CLARA PT 1 - This song was based on the heavily debated death of her husband and composer, Robert Schumann. Some lyrics included are from letters Clara Schumann wrote to fellow friends about her situation. But, as we move to the end of the song was hear words like, "I wish I could write to you, as tenderly as I love you." Which references the introduction to her new love interest, Johannes Brahms. Their relationship has also been heavily debated on when exactly it began.

NANNERAL - This song was based on diary entries from Nanneral and letters that were exchanged between her and her brother and prodigy, Mozart.

GEORGE (ft. Dr. Christopher Butler) - This song was based on George Sand's writing, as well as historic and academic statements and facts about her life.

 C+J (CLARA PT 2) - This song is based on the letters that were shared between Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann. The letters that were shared between them would be classified in our standards today as, love letters. Many debate when this relationship started, as well.

00:03-03:25 – CLARA PT 1

03:26-07:27 – NANNERAL

07:28-09:45 – GEORGE (ft. Dr. Christopher Butler)

09:46-14:26 – C+J (CLARA PT 2)