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Dr. Junghwa Lee Performs Clara Schumann

Dr. LeeAssociate Professor of Piano at the School of Music, Dr. Junghwa Lee, has recorded Clara Schumann's select Piano Works in 2019, commemorating the 200th anniversary of her birth year (1819), and the album will be released by Centaur Records on March 19, 2021 in all formats including CDs, downloads, and streams.

Dr. Lee talks about the album’s goals, “This album aims to commemorate and celebrate Clara Schumann’s life and dedication to music through her selected solo piano works, among which her later period works demonstrate her perseverance and overcoming in the midst of the many challenges in her life, which deserves sincere respect, especially during this 200th anniversary period, and the fact that she was one of few women composers and performers of international stature in her time.Clara Schumann CD

Her compositions reflect her musical life, for instance, youthful bravura works, improvisational Impromptus, Romances, works with depth and mature tone composed during her marriage period, and counterpoint. This album demonstrates her representative works that reflect the diverse aspects of her performing life, compositional life, and personal life.”

Read more about Dr. Junghwa Lee as Associate Professor of Music here: https://cola.siu.edu/music/faculty-staff/faculty/by-alpha/lee.php 

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