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Horn student with Jennifer Presar


A degree from the School of Music represents so much more than a certified proficiency at playing an instrument or developing manuscript. Studying at SIU Carbondale means learning from world-class performers, researchers, composers, and mentors committed to excellence both on and off the stage.

Our faculty is comprised of globally-renowned musicians who have lived the discipline and now come together here to create an intellectual energy unmatched at any other school. Our professors, some of the most-cited and renowned experts in their fields, foster success in each individual student by creating and exchanging knowledge, focused on personal attention to the student, the instrument, and the talent present at each lesson.

While "research" may not be the first thing that pops to mind when one hears a phrase like "Bachelor of Music," our faculty are some of the most research-driven performers in the world today, challenging the limits and perceptions of their tools, theory, and pedagogy in much the same way you might expect from fields like science and engineering.

The fine arts will always be crucial to society because of their amazing capacity to perpetually evolve, change, advance with technology, and communicate perspectives. The instructors at the School of Music cherish and honor this professional duty, and continue to pave the way for progress in each of their respective disciplines while illuminating the field for a new generation of musicians.