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We've put together answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about joining the Marching Salukis. Read on to find out more!

Q: When is band camp held?
A: Band camp is traditionally the week before 
classes begin in the fall. For 2017, camp will begin on Sunday, August 13. Attendance at camp is mandatory for all members. There is no cost.

Q: Where does the band rehearse?
A: Currently, the marching band rehearses on the football practice field and in the new $25 million dollar Saluki Stadium.

Q: Does membership in the marching band take a lot of time?
A: No. In fact, it probably takes much less time that your high school marching band. Marching band is a class that you register for, and we meet during that class time. Rehearsals are held on Monday evening (an indoor music/sectional rehearsal, 7-9:30 PM) Tuesday and Thursday, from 4:00 to 5:30 PM, and Saturday mornings prior to home games. Class registration information for the Fall Semester can be found online via Salukinet. Please register for MUS 011.

Q: What costs are involved with membership in the marching band?
A: We have worked hard to make each member's cost very minimal. Members are asked to purchase their own marching shoes (approximately $30.00). If you are using a University-owned instrument or color guard equipment (see below) there is a cleaning/usage fee of $25.00. There is no uniform cleaning fee or band camp fee. All other items and travel costs (hotel stay, meals, etc.) are provided free to all members. That's it! And best of all, band members do no fundraising!

Q: I really enjoyed attending competitions in high school. How many contests do the Marching Salukis attend?
A: None. No marching bands compete at the collegiate level. The name of the game here is entertainment. We will perform new shows for home games, and a slew of fun, exciting music in the stands and on the field.

Q: Is there an audition for membership in the marching band?
A: No. We invite all students interested in membership to be part of the Marching Salukis. We do have an audition for part placement (held during band camp), but this audition does not keep anyone out of the band; it is merely used to help balance the part assignments throughout the brass and woodwind sections, and instrument assignments in the percussion section.

We also have excellent color guard and dance team units in the band!

Visit our How to Join page to learn more about auditions.

Q: Do you have a pit?
A: No. The Marching Salukis only use snares, tenors, bass drums and cymbals. We also do not use electric bass.

Q: Do you have an indoor drumline?
A: SIU does not sponsor its own indoor percussion ensemble (or winter guard); however, there are many groups within driving range of Carbondale.

Q: Which instruments are provided by the University?
A: We provide all instruments for the entire band. They were purchased over the past 2 years, and are in like-new condition. In addition, we provide flags and color guard equipment and uniforms.

Q: I'm currently a student at SIU. Did I miss my chance to join the band?
A: No! Even if you didn't join the band as a freshman, you are still eligible and welcome to join the Marching Salukis at any time during your academic career at Southern Illinois. We also welcome students who transfer to SIU from other schools!

Q: Is there an opportunity for travel?
A: Yes. The marching band performs at all home games, and occasionally travels to an away game each year. We have also performed at professional football games, such as the St. Louis Rams.

In addition to athletic events, the Marching Salukis enjoy performing in exhibition at high school band festivals and community/campus events.

Q: I'm a student at John A. Logan. Am I eligible to join as well?
A: Absolutely! Since JAL doesn't have a marching band, we welcome you to come to SIU and be a part of the Saluki tradition. You'll attend all rehearsals and performances, and we will treat you just as we do any SIU student. 

Q: Do I have to be a music major to be a member of the marching band?
A: NO! Approximately 90% of the Marching Salukis is comprised of non-music majors, representing every discipline offered at SIU. We welcome diversity, and enjoy members who are there because they love making music, and love supporting the Salukis!

Q: Do I receive academic credit for participating in the marching band?
A: Yes. Marching band is an academic class offered by the School of Music. Freshmen and new transfer students may register for Marching Band (MUS 011 for 1 credit hour) during their New Stuent Orientation visit to campus. Current SIU students may register during the spring/summer semesters.

Q: Are there band scholarships available?
A: Yes. Every member of the Marching Salukis will receive a tuition reimbursement for his or her participation. The amount each student receives is based on the total award, and the years of membership in the band. Last year, first year marchers received $500.00 for participation. Members will receive the award as long as they are in good standing. All members will be expected to behave in accordance with the Marching Salukis handbook throughout the season.

Q: Do I have to be in a concert band to be in marching band?
A: No. We encourage you to be in marching band in the fall and a concert group in the spring. Symphonic Band is a perfect match for non-Music majors looking to keep their musicianship skills honed. The Wind Ensemble meets fall and spring semesters.

Q: I'm a high school senior. How can I truly experience what it's like to be a member of the Marching Saluki?
A: We invite senior band members who are serious about attending SIU to be our guests at the home football game of their choice. You'll be with us from the moment we step off from Altgeld Hall and make our way to the new, $25 million dollar Saluki Stadium. We guarantee there is no better way to experience the Marching Salukis and MVC Football than enjoying it with 15,000 other Saluki fans! For more information or to schedule a visit, contact Dr. Brozak.

Q: What about basketball pep band?
A: The pep band performs at all men and women's home basketball games, and travels to final tournaments with the teams. Pep Band members receive a stipend and may enroll in MUS 012 during Fall and Spring semester for one credit hour per semester.

Q: I was a drum major in high school. May I audition for a position with the Marching Salukis?
A: We welcome members to audition for drum major after completing at least one year as a marching member of the band. In the meantime, you'll enjoy marching with numerous other former high school drum majors in the Marching Salukis! If you have completed your year of service, audition dates and materials will be provided.

Q: Is the band on any social networking pages?
A: You bet! Friend us on Facebook!

Q: How do I obtain more information?
A: We encourage you to share your information with us via the online Request Information Form. You may contact us at any time by calling the band office at 618-453-2776, or emailing us We would be happy to help you schedule a campus tour, or visit with Dr. Brozak to discuss participating in the marching band.