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Giving to SIU Bands

The Marching Salukis provide entertainment and school spirit at countless SIU athletic events. Over 150 strong, the members of the band represent every college and major in the University. They take part and are leaders in an incredible variety of academic and extracurricular pursuits. Discipline, teamwork, dedication – all are lessons learned on the marching band field.

The Marching Salukis also provide an environment to learn teamwork, time management, self discipline, and other important life-lessons that supplement those taught in the academic classroom. Its supporters are friends, alumni, and advocates of the University who recognize the value of the Marching Band experience and are essential to the program's success.

We encourage all friends and alumni of the Marching Salukis to make an annual gift. Gifts of any amount are welcome and appreciated. For your convenience, you can make a gift using the University's secure online giving program below.

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$ : For a Marching Saluki band member.


How can you help? Our two greatest needs are:


The students are the strength of the program – without them, there would be no band. They are the spirit that cheers Saluki teams on to victory. Marching Band members will give over 200 hours of service during football season, in addition to their academic schedule! This makes it extremely difficult to work part-time jobs to help pay for their education. Scholarship support for our students is one of our highest priorities. An endowed scholarship provides funding for a named award that can be presented annually to a member of the Marching Salukis.


Instruments are the life-blood of the Marching Salukis; we can't exist without them. We supply many of the instruments used by our members to ensure a uniform appearance and sound for the band. The brass, woodwinds and percussion owned by the Marching Salukis are among the finest available; but after many years of service, they are in need of replacement. This is an almost never-ending process, and there is always a critical need of funds for this purpose.

Donor Brass PlateConsider sponsoring an instrument. Your tax-deductible donation will fund the purchase of a new instrument of your choice. The instrument's case will have a permanent brass plate attached with your name engraved for the life of the instrument. Parents or family members can purchase an instrument which can be used by their son or daughter during their years in band.

Here is what new instruments typically cost the Marching Salukis:

Piccolos - $500
Clarinets - $600
Alto Saxophones - $800
Tenor Saxophones - $1,200
Trumpets - $800
Horns - $1,250
Trombones - $1,400
Marching Baritone - $1,200
Sousaphone - $6,500
Percussion - $500 - $2,500

You may also wish to sponsor an entire section of the band. For $5,000 a year, you can provide new instruments for many students. In appreciation for your generosity, you will receive an autographed photo of the section, and attend the home football game of your choice as our special guest.

And if you're really serious about supporting the band, how about sponsoring a halftime show? You'll be our very special guest at the football game of your choice, enjoy halftime from special seats, and the band will honor you at the end of the show like no one has ever experienced at Saluki Stadium!

As evidenced recently, the presence of the Marching Salukis at away football games is of critical importance to the spirit and atmosphere of the event. Our fans love the band, and can't wait to hear the excitement the group brings with school songs, cheers and blood-pumping music! Traveling with the band takes special funding for buses, food and hotels.