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Scholar Bowl Rules

Eligibility of Players

Players must be currently enrolled in senior high school and must not be native, heritage or bi-lingual speakers of the language in which they compete.

The Game

1. Scholar Bowl is a question-and-answer game played between two teams, each of which has no more than five players. Each round consists of two five-minute halves and a one-minute halftime. Substitutions may be made only at halftime. A team's roster may be changed between rounds. Competition is by single elimination.

2. Points are scored by correctly answering questions of two types, toss-ups and bonuses. TOSS-UPS: The first player to signal, during or after the reading of a toss-up by the moderator, must be recognized by the judge before answering. Players are allowed five seconds to signal after the moderator completes the reading of a toss-up, and they must answer promptly after they are recognized. A correct answer to a toss-up scores ten points. If a toss-up is answered incorrectly, it is turned over to the opposing team, whose players are allowed three seconds to signal. If a player answers a toss-up without being recognized, the moderator will disregard the answer and turn the question over to the opposing team. No conferring is allowed on toss-ups. If players confer on a toss-up, it will be turned over to the opposing team.

3. If a player wishes to answer a toss-up before it has been completely read, he/she may signal, thus interrupting the moderator. The player must then be recognized by the judge before answering. If the answer is incorrect, the entire toss-up will be repeated for the opposing team.

4. BONUSES: When a player correctly answers a toss-up, only his/her team may answer a bonus. Players do not signal nor do they have to be recognized in order to answer a bonus. Team players may confer among themselves for eight seconds on a bonus. However, only the captain may give the official answer for the team. A correct answer to a bonus scores ten points. A bonus is given even if the correct answer to a tossup ends either half (see rule #5).

5. If the judge signals the expiration of either half during the reading of a toss-up or bonus, the moderator will stop reading, thus ending that half. If time expires while a player is answering a question, he/she will be allowed to complete his/her answer. If the tossup answer is correct, the team also gets the bonus even though the time has expired.

6. If the score is tied at the end of the second half, the first correctly answered toss-up during the sudden death wins the round.

7. If the moderator inadvertently gives the answer to a toss-up or bonus before allowing a response, he/she will then ask a different question.

8. The moderator determines whether an answer is correct.

9. A team that fails to compete for any reason forfeits the round.

10. The Moderator has the final word in all disputes. Complaints can be sent to David Johnson by email ( AFTER the event.