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Foreign Language and International Trade

Foreign Language and International Trade (FLIT)  

FLIT students add additional language and cultural proficiency to the core language and culture courses, while also completing an extensive suite of courses from the College of Business. They complete their education with an internship. This area consists of a single specialization, Foreign Language and International Trade, though students will select language study in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish

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The Foreign Language and International Trade specialization combines education in the liberal arts with preparation for careers in the international business community.  It is designed to combine skill in a foreign language with a fundamental understanding of international commerce. This is accomplished by a curriculum of studies which has two cores—one in language and one in international trade and related subject matters. This cross-disciplinary program allows for choice of language (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish) as well as some options in electives so that different interests may be accommodated and individual goals may be realized.

For more info on the FLIT program, contact:  (Director) Shu-Ling or (FLIT Advisor)  Thomas Price