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French Specialization

Please contact Dr. Véronique Maisier, the French adviser, at if considering a specialization in French.

A major in Languages, Cultures, and International Studies with a Specialization in French consists of 32 semester hours in courses above the 100-level. This B.A. program meets the objectives of students preparing for employment in language-centered careers or in non-language areas where language proficiency is a supporting factor. Government agencies and businesses with international dealings employ great numbers of individuals, including scientists, engineers, librarians, social workers, whose primary skills are basically non-linguistic, but who can enhance their employment and career possibilities with appropriate training in foreign languages and cultures. Our B.A. program readily accommodates a second major in such fields. 

For French requirements, start with our French Specialization Check Sheet.

French students may also pursue a BA (via the College of Liberal Arts) or a BS (via the College of Education) in French with K-12 teaching licensure in Illinois. This program essentially consists of a French major (to include our teaching methods course, FL 436), a suite of courses from the College of Education and Human Services, and student teaching. For fuller details on that program, see the Teacher Education Program website.

A minor in French consists of 18 semester hours in courses above the 100 level (to include 220). For French minor requirements, start with our French Minor Check Sheet.

Other options for French students are our program in Foreign Language and International Trade (FLIT) and our International Studies Program. Both can be pursued on their own, or added as second majors to the French program. 

For more information on French courses, download the Languages, Cultures, and International Trade 2017-2018 catalog section here.