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Faculty Resources

This page is dedicated to commonly used links for often-used forms and research tasks.

NEW! CIP Major and Minor Codes - easy access site for major and minor form codes

NEWER! LCIT Major & Minor Codes (handy list extracted from above)

LCIT Information

Department Operating Paper

Appendix A: Tenure and Promotion
Appendix B: Merit Scheme
Appendix C: Course Evaluations

Miscellaneous Department Policy Matters

Merit Scheme Worksheet

Absence Request for AP/Faculty

LCIT Letterhead (docx)

Undergraduate Catalog

Teaching Tools


SIU Online


Morris Library


Special Collections

Incomplete Grade Agreement

Travel Information

Mileage Reimbursement 1/1/2016 and after: $.54 per mile. Please review Travel Regulations for reimbursement procedures for mileage.

Travel Support Request (fillable PDF)

Travel Regulations (travel rules and regulations)

Instructions for completing Travel Voucher

Multi-Day Per Diem Calculator (fillable PDF)

Expense Certification Worksheet (fillable PDF) Use this form when you were not given a receipt or the receipt was lost

Lodging Exception Form (fillable PDF)

Foreign Expense Worksheet (fillable PDF) Use this form for foreign travel

Travel Voucher (fillable PDF) Please choose the correct year.

Female faculty members may be eligible for up to $100.00 of travel support funding when presenting research at a national or intermational conference or participating in professional or leadership training. Click on Travel Grants/Awards for instructions on how to apply for assistance from the University Women's Professional Advancement Department (UWPA). NOTE: Apply for assistance as soon as your presentation is accepted and apply PRIOR TO THE TRIP.

General Campus Information

SIU Intranet (quick access to campus mailcodes, department addresses and phone numbers, electronic forms, etc.)

Faner Map (PDF - 8-1/2 x 14  legal size paper)

Registrar's Office

Payroll Questions

Benefits and Records (Human Resources)

CoLA Resources for Faculty

Holiday Calendars

Faculty Association Contract

NTT Faculty Contract

CoLA Council

Faculty Senate

Hiring Procedures

Diversity-Related Resources

Instructional Resources (Academic Misconduct, Writing Center, Writing Across the Curriculum, Entering Grades in Banner)

Distressed Students

Teaching Handbook

Conflict of Interest Forms

Annual Disclosure of Proposed Non-University Activities and Financial Interests

Annual Report of Approved Non-Univeristy Activities and Financial Interests

Graduate Assistants

Monthly GA Time Log (PDF)