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Each semester, the Office of the Provost requires the timely submission of course syllabi for online posting and assessment records. This page outlines procedures for all CoLA departments to follow in submitting syllabi to satisfy these requirements. Due to the size of our college [18 departments and about 800-1000 syllabus files per semester], it is important that departments meet these deadlines so the college can be in compliance with the mandates for timely posting. Thank you for your help in expediting this process.

There are some recent changes in CoLA policy this semester with regards to cross-listed courses and spreadsheet accounting. Please review the guidelines below and be sure to note these changes in requirements.

Deadlines and Submission of Syllabi and Spreadsheet

The department office shall receive a spreadsheet file from the Dean's Office outlining any and all sections listed as official courses in the academic database. The department is responsible for accounting for each line item on this spreadsheet. If a syllabus is not submitted for a course listed on the spreadsheet, an annotation must be made in the spreadsheet containing the official justification for exemption. Examples may include: activities listed as courses which are not traditional classes, a course may reflect an internship and does not have a syllabus, course sections which are recent cancellations that may still exist in the system, isolated seminars or forums, and similar exceptions.

Please note: The annotation "not received from instructor" will not suffice. Please do your best to obtain the required syllabi. Dean Komarraju is personally overseeing the submission of syllabi to ensure CoLA is compliant.

All applicable syllabi should be submitted to the college (attn: Kandace Kellett) no later than close of business (4:30) on Tuesday (Aug 23, 2016). This is a hard deadline so that bulk file uploads and indexing may then begin. The annotated version of your course spreadsheet must be returned by the August 23 deadline as well. (This is a new policy which will help the college more quickly address line items which may be in question with the Provost's Office regarding specific courses or exemptions.)

Digital files of syllabi may be submitted in multiple batches rather than waiting until every single file is received. Early submission is noticed and greatly appreciated by the Dean and her staff.

Syllabi may be submitted in the following ways:

  • Email (
  • Burned to CD/DVD and delivered to the College (attn: Kandace Kellett)
  • In-person file transfer via flash drive


It is the responsibility of each department to have a single designated point-of-contact (usually a department staff person) for conveying files and statuses to the Dean's Office. The designated syllabus coordinator for each department is responsible for reviewing each file received to ensure compliance with the following set of guidelines upon delivery to the college:

  1. Digital files must be received as PDF attachments, one file per syllabus. Word Documents and other types of native file formats must be converted to PDF prior to submission.
  2. PDF files cannot be scanned PDFs, as these are not ADA-accessible and screen reader applications cannot recognize the individual characters. This can easily be checked by opening the PDF file and clicking the cursor over text in the content of the file. If the cursor can move from letter to letter, highlight specific phrases, etc., the file is valid. If clicking on the body of the file causes the entire page to highlight, the PDF cannot be read as a document and is invalid.
  3. Files must follow the specific naming convention that uniformly identifies the course and section while preserving the alpha-numeric requirements for file names stored on the Cascade CMS. Please note that files containing upper case letters, spaces, and underscores cannot be uploaded. Please use lower case letters, hyphens, and numbers only. Examples below:
    • For a Single-Section Syllabus: anth101-005.pdf (file name representing section "5" of a course called "Anthropology 101")
    • For a Contiguous set of sections using one syllabus: engl209-001--004 (file name representing four consecutive sections - sections 1, 2, 3, & 4 - of a class called "English 209")
    • For Non-Contiguous sets of related sections sharing one syllabus: Each syllabus should be submitted separately following the Single-Section Syllabus guidelines above if sections are not numerically continuous. (For example, if the same syllabus is used for English 209/Sections 1, 2, & 5 but not for sections 3 & 4, the Contiguous set file format is not used.
  4. It is not necessary for the official SIU Syllabus Attachment to be included with departments' submissions, as a link for this is generated at the top of each department's syllabus directory by the college to save time and server space.
  5. Those faculty members who require a Course Information Form to use in lieu of submitting an official syllabus may download the form here. Standard naming conventions listed above apply to these form files.

Cross-Listed Courses

Regardless of whether a course is cross-listed from a department within or outside CoLA, every department listing that course must submit the syllabus file with the corresponding naming convention for what the course and section are called in your department's offerings (because cross-listed courses generally have different names in each department). This is a new requirement. In the past, attempts to identify and coordinate cross-listed courses within the College were unsuccessful and inefficient, so it is now necessary to submit a syllabus for any and all courses and sections listed by your department including cross-listed courses. This means faculty members who teach cross-listed courses will be expected to submit their digital syllabus to each department (rather than just their home departments) that carries that course by the "first Friday" deadline, and that each department affected should be contacting those affiliated faculty to obtain digital copies.

The syllabus directory for a college the size of CoLA requires significant time for mass indexing and individual file/asset linking after the initial upload, so a few days may pass between your submission deadline and the official "rolling" of the new semester's syllabus directory on your site. Once the new directory is made live, the directory from the previous semester will be removed from the server entirely to conserve storage space and prevent server crashes.

We thank all of you for your patience and cooperation in meeting these guidelines in a timely fashion. We understand the strain on time and resources at the beginning of the semester, and greatly appreciate your assistance in expediting this task to keep the College of Liberal Arts in full compliance with university mandates.

Any questions regarding technical issues or general policies should be directed to Gracie Ritter ( Any questions to verify receipt of submissions or questions regarding the contents of the course spreadsheet should be directed to Kandace Kellett at (