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Sabbatical leave is a privilege granted by the university in order to promote the professional development of faculty.  Sabbaticals involve a considerable investment by the university and are greatly valued by the academic community: they should be treated accordingly.

About Sabbaticals

Sabbaticals are intended to promote professional development by allowing an opportunity for extraordinary work: that is, something beyond work done during a regular academic year. Applications should clearly describe how a project fits into the applicant's career (builds on past work and promoting significant growth), as well as providing a detailed plan of what will be done, where it will be done, what resources (e.g., collections, field site) will be involved, and what will be produced (e.g., book draft, completed articles, & so forth).


  • All applications should be TYPED, not handwritten.
  • The EMPLOYEE ID field (just after the name fields) refers to your AIS EMPLOYEE NUMBER, not your Dawtag or SSN. If you are unsure of your Employee ID (usually 2 to 5 digits long), or unsure about any other field on the form, be sure check with your department or the Dean's Office Accounting Staff prior to submitting application to ensure accuracy and neatness.
  • "FISCAL" leave refers to those on A/P appointments (such as department chairs or program directors) only.
  • "ACADEMIC" leave refers to those on regular faculty teaching contracts only.

Sabbatical Reports

Faculty are contractually obliged to write an appropriate report on sabbatical activity by the eighth week of the semester they return. (Note, this should be provided to the chair and forwarded to the Dean's office for review prior to this deadline.) This may be succinct (2-4 pages), but it must provide a clear, professional account of sabbatical activities and accomplishments, in relation to the initial proposal and, most importantly, how they contributed to the individual's professional development.

The following link provides the most up-to-date documents at all times for Sabbatical Applications & Sabbatical Reports. Please click below to obtain application materials and other information pertaining to sabbatical leave:

»Sabbatical and Leaves of Absence Information (PVCAA website)