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In this section, you will find guidelines to hiring procedures and links to relevant forms.

Steps in the Process of Hiring New Faculty:

*NOTE: All documents for each step in the hiring process should be submitted electronically via email.


Position Request

  • Position Request Form (2-page document) must now be submitted prior to requests to advertise for all hires, effective December 2011. (You can access the most up-to-date Position Request Form by visiting the SIU E-Forms site and typing "Position Request Form" into the search bar.)

Request to Advertise

  • Memo to Dean from Chair of Department (including area of specialty and faculty being replaced)
  • Advertising Copy (if needed)
  • Position Announcement
  • Faculty & Staff Hires for Promoting Diversity form
  • Approved Position Request Form

If using reduced-length ad copy, 5 things that must be in the Advertising Copy are:

  1. Title
  2. Qualifications
  3. Application Deadline
  4. Instructions for applying
  5. SIUC Affirmative Action Statement

Request to Interview

  • Memo from Chair with detailed rationale for selection of interviewee
  • Hiring Audit Form Section I
  • Candidate Demographic Form
  • CVs of proposed finalists
  • CV of top female and minority candidate if not selected for interview
  • Copy of approved Ad Copy

Request to Hire:

  • Memo from Chair with detailed rationale for selection (including non-selection of targeted candidates, where appropriate)
  • Updated Hiring Audit Form Section I
  • Hiring Audit Form Section II
  • Updated Candidate Demographic Form
  • CV for candidate selected

Search Waiver

  • Memo from Chair with detailed justification for search waiver
  • Search Waiver Form
  • CV of candidate

Links to Hiring Forms:

Human Resources Forms including:

  • Civil Service Position Description
  • A/P Position Description
  • Extra Help Forms
  • Civil Service Permanent Forms

SIU e-forms including:

  • Civil Service Hiring Forms (CS contract, change of assignment, resignation, etc.)
  • Faculty/Staff Hiring Forms (Faculty and A/P staff contract, change of assignment, sabbatical leave application, etc.)
  • General Forms (request to create/fill, assignment costing, Faculty and A/P staff resignation, etc.)
  • Graduate Assistant Hiring Forms (GA contract, GA change of assignment, GA resignation, etc.)

University Affirmative Action Forms including:

  • Candidate Demographic Form
  • Hiring Audit Form Section I
  • Hiring Audit Form Section II
  • Reasons for Non-Selection
  • Search Waiver
  • Strategic Hires Form