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Listed below are various forms and explanations useful in University fundraising. Please review explanations and also the links on the right-hand side of the page for additional information.

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Solicitation or Event Request (SIU Foundation Solicitation Request PDF)

This is the first form to complete when beginning a new fundraiser (i.e., Newsletter, Solicitation Letter, Event, etc.). This form is where you get your coding from.

Fair Market Value Worksheet (FMV Form PDF)

This is used to determine the Charitable and Non Charitable portions of an "admission price."

Fair Market Value Form for Different Levels (Solicitation with Premium PDF)

Use this when you have a fair market value for different giving levels where according to the level the donor receives different things (i.e., golf tournament or different event sponsorship levels).

E-mail Blast Request (E-mail Blast Requirements PDF)

Use this to determine text for e-mail blast to alums and donors -- must accompany information request form.


Deposit Form (Deposit Form PDF)

Use for deposits that are 100% donation.

Contributions with a Non-Tax Deductible Portion Deposit Form (Deposit Form for NTD Events PDF)

Use when there is a non-deductible portion of a gift (i.e., donors receiving something in return for their gift thus, thus reducing their charitable amount).

URO (University-Related Organization) Form (URO PDF)

Used to transfer money received by a university account to a foundation account.


Gift In Kind Form (GIK Non-Event PDF)

Not part of an event; requires Dean's signature.

Gift In Kind Form (GIK Event PDF)

Part of an event; requires Dean's signature.

Special Event Gift In Kind Transmittal Form (SEGIK Form PDF)

Use when you have more than 5 Gifts-In-Kind to submit. Requires Dean's signature just on transmittal form.


Information Request Form (Info Req PDF)

Use when requesting names, addresses, etc. from the alumni database. To be used when doing mailings.

Privacy Statement (Privacy Statement PDF)

Any personnel having access to names and addresses and other confidential information about alums should sign this form.