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As part of North Central Accreditation (2008-2009), degree granting units in CoLA (excluding units that solely offer a minor) will be required to provide information regarding assessment of student learning outcomes. Dr. Jim Allen ( is coordinating this effort.

The Process

There are 3 components of this process:

  1. Demonstration that an assessment plan is in place.
  2. Demonstration that the plan is being used and that data are being collected, summarized, and reported.
  3. Demonstration that the assessment data are being used for feedback designed to improve student learning outcomes on an ongoing basis.

If you have questions about the process, Dr. Allen has agreed to field them ( For your information, a packet of information (PDF format) from Dr. Allen's 10/24/2006 presentation to Chairs and Directors can be downloaded using the link below. This document includes the "5 questions" that should be used to frame you assessment report.

Assessment Packet - Jim Allen Presentation (pdf)