2016 Distinguished Alumni Award for Cultural Impact | Liberal Arts

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2016 Distinguished Alumni Award for Cultural Impact

May 04, 2016


We were thrilled to welcome back to campus this spring the 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award winner for cultural impact, Mr. Primo Angeli (’57, MFA ’59). “Primo,” who was accompanied by his spouse, Deanie, accepted the award from the Alumni Association at a special ceremony and reception on April 29. He also mentored students and staff in the new Pulliam Design Wing and in a special Q & A session for designers and strategists on campus. The visit was hosted by faculty in the School of Art and Design. Primo and Deanie make their home in California, near San Francisco, where he made an international reputation for himself over a long career as a designer and artist specializing in design for marketing and communications. In many ways, he revolutionized the branding and packaging process and worked for an impressive list of household-name clients. Lucas Morton (pictured above, left), student of Design, shows Primo how he solved a design problem with a prototype of a chair he recently submitted to clients.