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Fall 2020 Courses

  • History 101A - History of World Civilization I (Dr. Smoot, online) || (Dr. Najar, online Aug 17-Oct 11) The History of World Civilization I-To Industrialization. (University Core Curriculum) A survey of various civilizations in the world from prehistory to the present with particular attention to non-western cultures.
  • History 101B - History of World Civilization II (Li, online) The History of World Civilization II-Since the Age of Encounter. (University Core Curriculum) A survey of various civilizations in the world from prehistory to the present with particular attention to non-western cultures.
  • History 110 - 20th Century America (Dr. Bean, online) The history of the United States since 1900. Surveys cultural, social, economic and political development, with special emphasis on domestic pluralism and changing international roles.
  • History 112 - The Twentieth Century World (Kemp, online) The history of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America since 1900. Emphasis on political conflict, economic development, social change and cultural transformation in an increasingly integrated world 
  • History 207-1 - World History (Yattani, online) || History 207-950 (Li online) || History 207-953 (Dr. Weeks, online, Oct 12-Dec 13) || History 207-954 (Dr. Sramek, online, Oct 12-Dec 13) An investigation of select issues in societies of the world from pre-history through the 20th century, with a focus on primary source interpretation. Some sections of this course may be limited to History majors. 
  • History 212-950 - American Studies (Same as ENGL 212) (Dr. Anthony, online) Offers interdisciplinary approach to the study of America and American selfhood, and thus to the central question, "What is an American?". Texts range from novels and films to museums and shopping malls. Issues range from multiculturalism to abstract notions such as citizenship and authenticity. 
  • History 300 - Origins of Modern America, 1492-1877 (Dr. Smoot, online) A general survey of political, social, and economic development of the United States from 1492 to 1877. 
  • History 301 - Modern America from 1877 to the Present (Lybeck, MW 2-3:15 online as scheduled) A general survey of the political, social and economic development of the United States from 1877 to the present. 
  • History 325 - US and World War II (Carter, TR 10-11:15, online as scheduled) This course is designed to provide an in depth examination of the U.S. during World War II, analyzing the major events, issues, and figures prominent on the homefront and the battlefront. Particular emphasis will be paid to America's role as a global power in a global war.
  • History 344 - American Capitalism (Same as HIST 464) (Dr. Bean, TR 3:35-4:50, online as scheduled) This course is equivalent of American Capitalism (HIST 464). HIST 344 does not require a research paper. Normally, both courses will meet at the same time and place, although they could be offered separately depending upon student demand and curricular needs.
  • History 367 - History of Illinois (Dr. Smoot, MWF 11-11:50) The history of the state from 1818 to the present.
  • History 392 - Historical Research and Writing (Dr. Sramek, TR 11-12:15, online as scheduled) Methods of historical investigation, criticism and composition. Restricted to undergraduate majors in history. May not be taken more than twice without completion. Fulfills the CoLA Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) requirement. Restricted to history majors and social science majors. 
  • History 407 - History of Latinos in US (Dr. Najar, MWF 12-12:50, online as scheduled) This course examines the history of Latino/a and Latin American peoples in the United States from the Colonial Era to the present. Themes to be addressed in the course include early imperialism and commercial expansion, the social construction of race, the formation of "borderland" communities, Latino immigration and assimilation, the centrality of work and labor within Latino history, and contemporary Latino culture and politics.
  • History 415 - Tudor and Stuart Britain (Same as PHIL 441-002) (Dr. Sramek, TR 3:35-4:50, online as scheduled) Course focuses on the political, cultural, and religious worlds of early modern Britain under two momentous, though short-lived dynasties, the Tudors (1485-1603) and the Stuarts (1603-1714). Considerable attention will be paid to Henry VIII and the Henrican Reformation, the English Civil War, and the Glorious Revolution.
  • History 429 - Political Violence Modern World (Dr. Weeks, online) This course will look at various forms of state and political violence in the 19th and 20th centuries. We will start with the "Reign of Terror" in the French Revolution, then look at the rise of terrorism in the later 19th century. The course will also cover state violence in the 20th century such as WWI, the Shoah, and the GULag. We will examine the "logic" and justification of both state and non-state political violence. Fulfills the CoLA Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) requirement.
  • History 473-952 - Comparative Slavery (Dr. Benti, online) A comparative study of slavery from antiquity to its abolition in the 19th century with the differing socio-cultural, political and economic contexts; organized chronologically, regionally and thematically. 
  • History 493-1 - History of American Radicalism (Same as PHIL 441-001, PHIL 590-002; POLS 403-001) (Dr. Stikkers, W 3-5:30, online as scheduled) 
  • History 493-952 - Digital History (meets with HIST 554-953) (Li, online)

Major Requirements

A major in history consists of thirty-six semester hours of history courses. Normally course selection should represent three areas of history (United States history, European history, and either Asian, African or Latin American history) and be distributed chronologically as well as geographically. A minor in history is eighteen hours.

Students must also complete a minimum of four courses at the 400 level and they must write a research paper in history. The paper is completed in History 392. A grade of "C" or better is required in History 392. HIST 392 papers meet the College of Liberal Arts Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (WAC) requirement.