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About Our Program

Why Study History at SIU?

Some people find it fun because they enjoy detective work and like to solve puzzles. others are fascinated with certain periods and places, with some of history's great dramas, or with the ebb and flow of events. However much we may want to, we cannot escape the relevance of history to our lives. Perhaps William Faulkner summed it up best when he commented, "The past is never dead. It's not even past." The past lives, and we study history to connect our past with our future and to give meaning to our present.

Here are some specific reasons why you will find studying history at SIU enjoyable and rewarding:

  1. You will study under a number of award-winning teachers.
  2. SIU's history majors learn to "do history" with distinguished scholars, and earn credit with internships at local museums, law firms, legislative offices, businesses, non-profit organizations, here and abroad.
  3. SIU has an active chapter of Phi Alpha Theta—the international history honor society.
  4. SIU hosts the annual Southern Illinois Regional History Fair—the largest in the state—and students help with judging.
  5. SIU's History Program offers a number of scholarships and prizes for deserving undergraduates.
  6. The History Program publishes Legacy, a journal of undergraduate student scholarship.
  7. SIU History students create their own podcasts on Spotify.
  8. SIU's history program helps prepare students for graduate school and careers in: education, research, writing and editing, information technology, government agencies, business, museum administration, and archival work.
  9. History faculty mentor every undergraduate history major. Majors meet once a semester with their mentor to discuss coursework, internships and other opportunities, and receive counseling about career options in history.
  10. "Complete a fully online B.A. in History" that works for your schedule.
  11. You will have access to a state of the art digital humanities lab combining new tools (AI, virtual reality, video gaming) with history.

What Can I do with a History Major?

For more information on careers in history and to see how many different careers a history major prepares you for, please visit: https://www.historians.org/jobs-and-professional-development/career-resources/careers-for-students-of-history.