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Parking Information

Event Parking at SIU

We hope that your visit to SIU will be more enjoyable by understanding some basics about parking on campus. Although the event is being held on a Saturday, we want to ensure that vehicles with multiple passengers drop off and pick up visitors in the safest manner possible. Please review the following options and instructions:

Options for those coming by small van or cars include:

  • Park in Lots 13/13A/111 located directly across the street from the Student Center. (Meter payment is required for lot 13.)
  • Park near the buses in Lot 56.  

Buses should enter campus from Route 51 at the intersection of Route 51 and Lincoln Drive and proceed approximately 100 yards west on Lincoln Drive to the bus pull-offs by the Student Center/Student Services Building to unload. Once unloaded, the buses should proceed to Lot 56 (located south of Saluki Drive). Buses are NOT allowed in Lot 18 (immediately south of the Arena).

Once the event is over, buses may proceed back to the original drop-off location to pick up their students.

For the convenience of your participants and bus drivers, a color-coded pdf-format parking map of campus is available for printing at SIU Parking Division's website:

If you have any questions or need more information about Parking at SIU, please visit the website or call the Parking Division office at 618-453-5369.