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Dual Credit Teaching Endorsement

History Teaching Endorsement

The History Department offers a History Teaching Endorsement for high school teachers seeking this credential as a dual credit instructor of History. The Higher Learning Commission and the State of Illinois require teachers to have 18 credit hours in graduate course work for any subject they seek to teach as a dual credit, as long as they “hold a qualified master’s degree or any master’s degree with 18 graduate credit hours of coursework in the desired discipline.” For more on State of Illinois Dual Credit requirements, see https://www.isbe.net/Pages/Dual-Credit-Endorsements.aspx  Please check with your hiring institution about obtaining an endorsement.

Online Masters of Science in Education with History

Students or high school teachers pursuing the Masters of Science in Education (MSEd) may count the 18 credit hours for the History Teaching Endorsement toward their degree. For additional information about the MSEd, please contact Grant Miller (gmiller@siu.edu).

History Teaching Endorsement Courses (choose 18 hours from the following)


HIST 409: Food and History
HIST 427: World War I
HIST 429: Political Violence in the Modern World
HIST 447: The British Empire
HIST 473: Comparative Slavery
HIST 478: Southern Africa, 1650-present
HIST 485: Revolutions in the Middle East
HIST 486: Arab-Israeli Conflict

Students may petition to take other History courses that are offered on campus. Contact: Getahun Benti (benti@siu.edu), Director of Graduate Studies.

Schedule of History Teaching Endorsement courses:


HIST 437 Lesbian and Gay History

FALL 2021

HIST 410 Nineteenth-Century Europe (synchronous night course)
HIST 473 Comparative Slavery
HIST 485 Revolution in the Middle East


HIST 493 Islamic Civilization


HIST 409 Food and History

FALL 2022

HIST 429 Political Violence in the Modern World
HIST 473 Comparative Slavery


HIST 427 World War I

For more information on the History Teaching Endorsement, please contact Jonathan Bean (jonbean@siu.edu).