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Fellowships and Prizes

Congratulations to Dissertation Research Fellowship winners Liana Kirillova & Xiao Li, Stanley Zucker Prize Winner Geoff Lybeck, and Outstanding TA David Kemp.

The university awards fellowships to exceptional graduate students. (Graduate students who are interested in applying for fellowships should contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Hale Yilmaz, yilmaz@siu.edu, phone: 618/453-7870)

Graduate Dean's Fellowship  (for traditionally underserved individuals who have overcome adverse conditions)

Doctoral Fellowship (for doctoral students showing greatest promise for scholarly and professional achievement)

Master's Fellowship (one-time awards for master's students with greatest promise for scholarly and professional achievement)

Delyte and Dorothy Morris Fellowship (for doctoral students new to the university who possess exceptional credentials)

Dissertation Research Assistantship  (for exceptional doctoral students who are at the dissertation stage of their education)

(Please contact the Director of Graduate Studies for further information on applying for History Scholarships.)

The History Department awards two prizes to exceptional graduate students.

Stanley Zucker Essay Prize (for the best graduate research paper of the calendar year)

Outstanding Teacher Assistant Award (for the outstanding teaching assistant of the year)