Geoff Lybeck Publication Accepted in Ohio History

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Geoff Lybeck Publication Accepted in Ohio History

Geoff Lybeck

Geoff Lybeck (PhD candidate) has had an article accepted for publication in Ohio History. The article is "The 'Messenger of the Day of Redemption': Epidemic Cholera, Kingdom-Building, and the Power of Print Narrative" and it will appear in the Spring 2021 issue. This article is the culmination of his master's and early-doctoral work, a study of the 1832 cholera epidemic, the subsequent discourses of disease, and their roles in American religious-community formation, and also received the Stanley Zucker Prize. Geoff is a doctoral candidate in historical studies specializing in twentieth-century American environmental history. His dissertation focuses on the effects of the Clean Air Act and its amendments (1963--1990) on the politics, industries, and communities with interests in the Illinois Basin, one of America's largest fossil fuel energy reserves. (Title: "From the 'Coal Wars' to the 'War on Coal': The Struggle over Environment, Politics, Industry, and the Communities of the Illinois Basin, 1945--2016"). Geoff received his MA in history from SIUC in 2017.