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Coopwood explores Black History through Digital Humanities

Coop CoopwoodHistory graduate students are actively employed in the Digital Humanities Lab of SIU. H'Aeneise Coopwood (pictured here) has learned how to operate AI engines, and developed 3D modeling and animation skills. She assists the Digital Humanities Lab with fundraising, and exposure by presenting her work to audiences at SIU. She is currently working with the Digital Humanities Lab on a video game recreating a black town in the Reconstruction-era U.S. South.

H'Aeneise has this to say about her project:

“My grandfather told me once that after slavery many Blacks did not speak proper English but communicated what they could not articulate through soulful sound. The concept of the game is based on this notion. The project is an open map quest game where players move into a thriving Black town, and through music and soulful sound only, they collaborate with other characters to create their estate and family business.”