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2022 PhDs Teaching at Four-Year Colleges

Nichol Allen

Nichol AllenIn 2022, Nichol Allen successfully defended her dissertation, "Persona Non Grata: Contested Spaces and the Built Environment at the Columbian Exposition 1893." Her research looks at the way the World's Fair officials intended for the fair to be experienced and how African Americans challenged those spaces and made them their own.

Dr. Allen holds a dual position, one at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri and the other at America's National Churchill Museum. She is Assistant Professor of Museum Studies and Associate Director for Museum Programming.

Greg Carter

Greg CarterIn 2022, Greg Carter successfully defended his dissertation, "Do for Do Ain't No Obeah:" Backtime Religion in the Danish West Indies, 1700-1880.” His research examines examines community building and religion among enslaved people in the Caribbean and wider Atlantic World. His dissertation focused on the Danish West Indies (U.S. Virgin Islands).

Greg is now an instructional assistant professor at Illinois State University. He teaches the introductory survey course "History of Africa" and upper division courses on the Atlantic World and one of ISU's history capstone courses.

Isacko Yattani

Isacko YattaniIn 2022, Isacko Yattani successfully defended his dissertation, “The Dynamics of Cross-Border Relations and Conflicts Among Communities Along the Etio-Kenya Border: The Case of Gabra And Borana, 1905-2015.” Yattani’s research focuses on cross-border relations and the history of conflicts on Africa’s borderlands in pre- and post-colonial Africa.

Dr. Yattani is an Assistant Professor of History at Western Carolina University (WCU) in Cullowhee, North Carolina. He teaches courses in African history and the African diaspora.