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John E. Dotson

Emeritus Professor

Phone: (618) 453-4391

Dr. John E. Dotson took his Ph.D. at the Johns Hopkins University in 1969, and came to SIU the next year. During his tenure in the History Department, he taught courses in Medieval, Renaissance, and Reformation history. The author of many articles on the business and maritime history of late medieval Italy, Professor Dotson's Merchant Culture in Fourteenth Century Venice: The Zibaldone Da Canal appeared in 1993.

His Christopher Columbus and His Family: The Genoese and Ligurian Documents (1998) is the fourth volume in the Repertorium Columbianum, an international project to edit the earliest sources documenting the encounter between America and Europe. Professor Dotson has been active in university affairs. He was self-study coordinator for the University's 1999 accreditation review and is acting as a consultant for the current self-study for the 2009 review.

For the last five years of his career at SIU (2001-2006) he was chair of the Linguistics Department. He is currently working on a study of the conflict between Genoa and Venice for domination of Mediterranean Sea in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.