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Andrew Volpert

B.A. 1997; M.A., 2000

Andrew Barbero

Andy Volpert (B.A.) in History Education in 1997; M.A. in History and Community College Teaching in 2000) is currently the Social Studies Department Chair at Springfield Southeast High School. While at SIU, Volpert won both the John Leason Scholarship for outstanding history education student and the Stanley Zucker Essay Prize for outstanding graduate research paper for his thesis “From Fusion to Fissure: Right-Wing Hippies, Well-Scrubbed Buckleyites, and the Reshaping of American Conservatism.”

In recent years, Volpert has served the citizens of Illinois in many capacities. For over 15 summers, he worked for the State Senate as a Constituent Outreach Coordinator, creating and hosting events designed to bring government services to senior citizens in communities that are often under-served by state government. Volpert was also appointed to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency Board of Trustees where he was influential in the hiring of fellow Saluki Sam Wheeler as State Historian. Volpert would later serve as a member of the Executive Ethics Commission from 2017-2019.

“My years in Carbondale were the most influential time of my life. The marketplace of ideas that I experienced in my history classes and on campus made me the person that I am today. The speakers on all sides of the political spectrum who were brought to Carbondale refined my critical thinking, writing, and debating skills. From Oliver North to Elizabeth Dole to Jesse Jackson to Bob Dylan, SIU in the late 90s was a hot bed of political activity. I certainly hope the university continues this tradition of respecting and accepting diverse political ideologies as it made me the educator that I am today.”