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Nate Pedigo

Ph.D. 2015

Nate Pedigo

Nate Pedigo currently works as a grant writer at Food Lifeline in Seattle, WA. He completed his dissertation, "The Struggle for Terroir in French Algeria: Land, Wine, and Contested Identity in the French Empire" in 2015. About his studies in History he writes: "The intellectually stimulating faculty brought the best out of me. When the time came to prepare and write my dissertation, I was challenged to think big. Every step of the way, my advisors kept me on task and excited. A Dissertation Research Assistantship allowed me to travel to France for research. I really cannot stress enough how the intimacy of the program allowed me to draw from the knowledge and perspectives of multiple faculty members, which left an indelible mark on my research and writing. While I chose not to pursue a career in academia, much of what I do now relies on the skills I developed in the graduate history program at SIU: writing, research, and analysis.