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Zach Myers

B.A. 2018

Zach Myers

Zach Myers (History Major, Africana Studies Minor) is teaching U.S. History at Kingsbury High School in Memphis, TN with an "awesome group of 11th graders." He is also completing his masters in Urban Education from Union University. Zach writes:

Zach Myers"Teaching has been my goal for a large chunk of my life, but I would not be near the teacher I am if not for the History Department. My History coursework taught me to ask deep questions and how to find those answers, to dig past the shallow understandings of US History my own high school education provided me, and to critically analyze source material.

All of these skills have become pillars of my classroom. The next generation is getting a better education, because SIU afforded me the opportunity to truly learn, and for that I am forever grateful."