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Kaitlinn Bormann

B.S. 2018

Kaitlinn Bormann

Kaitlinn Bormann (History Education) graduated from SIU in May of 2018 and is currently teaching eighth grade US history at a school in Memphis, Tennessee, while working on her Master's degree through Memphis Teacher Residency.

She will graduate with a Master's in Urban Education in May of 2019, and plans to start teaching somewhere in Memphis come the 2019-2020 school year. Kaitlinn writes:

Kaitlinn Bormann“I'm able to share some of the ways history helps me think about the world with my students, encouraging them every day to be critical thinkers and engaged citizens, and that is something I would not be nearly as comfortable with if it weren't for my time in the history department at SIU.

I am so grateful for the professors at SIU, and I love getting to share my passion for history daily with my students, just like they shared their passions with me.”