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Students in Geography and Environmental Resources study the dynamic relationship between nature and society with an emphasis on principles of physical and social science principles including human use of natural resources


Undergraduate majors in Geography and Environmental Resources choose from one of three specializations.The undergraduate program is divided into two parts:

  1. courses that are required for all Geography and Environmental Resources majors, and
  2. courses that are required for specific specializations.

When students complete their major and specialization courses, they will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography and Environmental Resources.

Geography Major Courses

These courses give all Geography and Environmental Resources majors a common background that reflects basic geographic knowledge and tools. The courses at the 100- and 300-levels should be taken before enrolling in or concurrent with the 400-level courses in your specialization.  

  • GEOG 300i (3) Geography, People, & the Environment
  • GEOG 303i (3) Physical Geography
  • GEOG 401 (3) Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG 433 (4) Field Methods in Geography
  • One of: GEOG 404 (3) Spatial Analysis -- OR -- GEOG 412 (3) Applied Geographic Statistics 
  • Two of the following courses: GEOG 100, 103, 104, 304, 310i, 320, or 330.


There are three specializations that cover a wide range of topics.

  • Environmental Sustainability is intended for students seeking a broad background in the social and environmental sciences that relates to environmental planning and management.
  • Geographic Information Science is intended for students who are interested in applying computer technology to geographic and environmental problems. 
  • Climate and Water Resources is intended for students interested in climate science, hydrology, geomorphology, and surface water resources.