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Current Projects (externally funded)

“Tree-ring reconstruction of flood dynamics on the Mississippi River and principal tributaries”, National Science Foundation, $296,876, co-PI: Jonathan Remo

“Collaborative Research: Physical drivers of equivalent temperature variability”, National Science Foundation, $158,254, PI: Justin Schoof

“People, water, and climate: adaptation and resilience in agricultural watersheds”, National Science Foundation, $1,011,832. Co-PI: Silvia Secchi

“Climate change, hydrology, and landscapes of America’s heartland: a multi-scale natural-human system”, National Science Foundation, $1,430,000, PI: Silvia Secchi, co-PI: Justin Schoof

“An analysis of the impact of biofuel expansion through linking of agricultural and energy markets”, USDA, $360,396.  Co-PI: Silvia Secchi

“Advancing remote sensing based forest resources inventory and monitoring” Funded by Central South University of Forestry and Technology, China, $97,000.  PI: Guangxing Wang

“Navigation system and cloud service based technology for collection of forest resources data”.  Department of Education, Hunan, China, $25,000.  PI: Guangxing Wang

“Annual monitoring model for desertification trend based on remote sensing and ground observation for Beijing-Tianjin sandstorm source control area” State Forestry Administration of China, $41,000.  PI: Guangxing Wang

“Shenzhen City vegetation carbon modeling”. XianHu Botanic Garden of Shenzhen, China, $43,500, PI: Guangxing Wang