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Leslie Duram

Professor, Fulbright Scholar, Director of the Environmental Studies Program

Leslie Duram

Email: duram@siu.edu

Phone: (618) 453-6084

Office: 4537 Faner Hall

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Dr. Duram's research interests are environmental geography (local- to global-scale environmental issues), environmental public participation, climate change education, plant-based diets,  and campus sustainability.

Dr. Duram was Special Issue Editor of the journal Sustainability: "Local- to Global-Scale Environmental Issues."

In the News

"11,000 Scientists Issue Warning" (NBC News)
"Campus Gardens take Root" (Washington Post)
Plant-based Climate Summit (YouTube)


Ph.D., University of Colorado.

Selection of Courses Taught:

  • GEOG 480: Internship in Geography
  • GEOG 426: U.S. Environmental Policy
  • GEOG 470: Contemporary Issues in Environmental Studies
  • GEOG 429/529; ERP 594: Organic Farming and Local Food
  • GEOG 500: Principles of Research
  • GEOG 439: Global Climate Change

Selected Publications


Duram, L.A. 2022. (Book Under Contract.) Endangered Places: Disappearing Sites around the World. Bloomsbury: London. 300 pages.

Duram, L.A. 2021. Environmental Geography: People and the Environment. University of Nebraska Press: Lincoln, NE. 344 pages. Paperback.

Duram, L.A. 2018. Environmental Geography: People and the Environment. Book Series: Understanding Our World. ABC-CLIO: Santa Barbara, CA. 344 pages. Hardbound.

Duram, L.A., Contributing Editor, and K. Kennedy-White. 2013. America Goes Green: An Encyclopedia of Eco-Friendly Culture in the United States. ABC-CLIO: Santa Barbara, CA. 3 Volumes, 1297 pages.

Duram, L.A., Editor, 2011. Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable and Local Food. Bison Books (University of Nebraska Press). 462 pages. Paperback. 

Duram, L.A., Editor, 2010. Encyclopedia of Organic, Sustainable and Local Food. Greenwood Press (Praeger), 462 pages. Hardbound.

Duram, L.A. 2005. Good Growing: Why Organic Farming Works. University of Nebraska Press, 250 pages.

Journal Articles:

Duram, L.A. 2021. Teaching a Social Science Course on Climate Change: Suggestions for Active-Learning. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society102(8): E1494–E1498. https://doi.org/10.1175/BAMS-D-21-0035.1

Taylor, J. T. and Duram, L.A. 2021. Linking Personal Experience to Global Concern: How Zoo Visits Affect Sustainability Behavior and Views of Climate Change. Sustainability. 13(13), 7117; https://doi.org/10.3390/su13137117

Gibson, D. and Duram, L.A. 2020. Shifting Discourse on Climate and Sustainability: Key Characteristics of the Higher Education Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement. Sustainability. 12(23) 10069. https://doi.org/10.3390/su122310069

Chitiyo, P. and Duram, L.A. 2019. Role of NGOs in addressing agricultural challenges through certified organic agriculture in developing regions: A Zimbabwe Case Study. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. 21(3): 138-157. https://jsd-africa.com

Chitiyo, P. and Duram, L.A. 2017. Alternative Agriculture Characteristics in Zimbabwe: Experts Views. Journal of Geography and Earth Sciences. 5(1):41-49. https://doi.org/10.15640/jges.v5n1a3

Marshall, A.C. and Duram, L.A. 2017.  Factors Influencing Local Stakeholders’ Perceptions of Tisza River Basin Management: The Role of Employment Sector and Education. Environmental Science & Policy. 77(2017): 69-76. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.envsci.2017.07.009

Sanabria, Julia and Duram, L.A. 2017. Climate Change and Health: Risk Awareness can Improve Patient Care. Illinois Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics. Illinois Pediatrician. 35(2): 6-7. https://illinoisaap.org

Bonney, M. and Duram, L.A. 2016. Applying AASHE STARS to Examine Geography’s “Sense of Place” in Sustainability Education. Journal of Sustainability Education. 11. ISSN-2151-7452.  http://www.susted.com

Marshall, A.C., Paul, J.S., Brooks, M.L., and Duram, L.A. 2016. Anglers’ Perceptions and Fish Consumption Risks in the Lower Tisza River Basin. Exposure and Health. 1-15. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12403-016-0233-7

Duram, L.A., and S. Klein. 2015. University Food Gardens: A Unifying Place for Higher Education Sustainability. International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development. 9(3/4): 282-302. http://dx.doi.org/10.1504/IJISD.2015.071853

Duram, L.A. and L. Williams. 2015. Growing a Student Organic Garden within the Context of University Sustainability Initiatives. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. 16(1): 3-15. https://doi.org/10.1108/ijshe-03-2013-0026

Solís, P., Adams, J., Duram, L.A., Hume, S., Kuslikis, A., Lawson, V., Miyares, I., Padgett, D., Ramírez, A. 2014. Diverse Experiences in Diversity at the Geography Department Scale. Professional Geographer. 65: 205-220, https://doi.org/10.1080/00330124.2012.735940

Duram, L.A. and A. Mead. 2013. Exploring Linkages between Domestic Fair Trade and Consumer Food Co-operatives in the United States. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. 29(2): 151-160. https://doi.org/10.1017/s1742170513000033

Duram, L. A. and M. Cawley. 2012. Irish Chefs and Restaurants in the Geography of “Local” Food Value Chains. The Open Geography Journal. 5: 16-25. http://dx.doi.org/10.2174/1874923201205010016

Recent Awards

Association of American Geographers, Rural Geography Specialty Group. Donald Q. Innis Award for Excellence in Food and Agricultural Research. 2017.

2015 SIU University Women’s Professional Advancement (UWPA) Mentorship Award.

Delegate from Ireland to the Fulbright Commission, European Meeting. 56th Annual Berlin Seminar for Fulbright Scholars. Berlin, Germany, March 21-25, 2010.

Best Paper Award: Balanced Development Theme. Irish Social Science Platform. Paper title: “Linking Research and Policy: Assessing a Framework for Organic Agricultural Support in Ireland.” 1-2 December, 2009.

John Fraser Hart Award for Research Excellence. Association of American Geographers. Rural Geography Specialty Group, 2008.

Recent Grants

Li, R., H. Henson, L.A. Duram, J. Schoof, and W. Williams. 2022. “Converging Earth Science and Sustainability Education and Experience to Prepare Next-Generation Geoscientists.” National Science Foundation, Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM), NSF-22-527. ($1,333,365).

Renzaglia, K., L.A. Duram, D. Gibson, J. Green, and M. Lydy. 2018. “Master Teaching Fellowships in Environmental Sustainability.” National Science Foundation, Robert Noyce Teacher Training Program. NSF-17-541 ($2,196,757).

Duram, L.A. 2016. “Universities Build Environments and Neighbors: UBEAN.” US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, 2015 Local Food Promotion Program. USDA-AMS-LFPP-2015 Grant. ($130,899).

Duram, L.A. 2015. “Outreach and Education Coordinator for LOGIC and the Center for Sustainable Farming.” SIU Green Fund. Sustainability Award. ($18,992).

Williams, L and L.A. Duram. 2012-15. “Growing LOGIC: Creating Long-Term, Sustainable Organic and Permaculture Gardens for the SIU Community.” SIU Green Fund. Sustainability Award. ($88,054).

Duram, L.A. 2009-10. “Geography and Organic Farming in Ireland.” Research portion of Fulbright Scholar Grant. Council for International Exchange of Scholars. US State Department. Based at National University Ireland at Galway. (€40,000).

duram ogranic farming

Dr. Duram moderating a session at the USDA Organic Farming Systems Research Conference in Washington DC

duram angus cliff

Dún Aonghasa, Inis Mór, Oileain Árainn, Éire

Dr. Duram with graduate

Dr. Duram with graduating PhD Advisee

Leslie with Master's Student Graduates

Dr. Duram with Master's Student Graduates

Dr. Duram FFL

Dr. Duram is a PCRM.org Plant-Based/Vegan educator

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