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Dr. Benedykt Dziegielewski

Professor Emeritus

Benedykt Dziegielewski

Dr. Benedykt Dziegielewski's research interests are water resources management, urban water supply and conservation planning, water resources hydrology, studies of water use, water demand forecasting


Ph.D., Southern Illinois-Carbondale, 1983

Selection of Courses Taught

  • GEOG 434: Water Resources Hydrology
  • GEOG 471: Environmental Impact Analysis
  • GEOG 501: Seminar in Geographic Research
  • GEOG 524: Seminar in Water Resources Analysis
  • ERP 593: Seminar in Environmental Policy and Administration
  • ERP 596: Seminar in Water Resources Analysis

Dr Dziegielewski, Graduate

Dr Dziegielewski, Graduate Marshall at Fall 2011 Commencement with Dr. Duram

Southern Alumni Magazine article

Southern Alumni magazine article 

Dr. Benedykt Dziegielewski