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We have several facilities that support the teaching and research missions of the Department.

Two multi-media classrooms furnished with SMART technology are maintained by the Department for our exclusive use. While Faner 2522 seats up to 32, we prefer to limit our class sizes to around 25. This room is equipped with a SMART board and podium. Faner 2533 seats 48 and is equipped with a SMART Sympodium. Although it seats 48 the average class size for the room is closer to 26.

To support our emphases in environmental analysis and GIS, we maintain the Environmental Geographic Information Systems (EGIS) Lab in Faner 2524 and our Advanced Geospatial Analysis (AGA) Lab in 4436. EGIS is a classroom lab that seats 24 and AGA is a research lab for our students.

Faculty, staff, and graduate student offices are located on Faner's fourth floor above the University Museum. Office numbers range from 4438 through 4541. The main office, Faner 4520, is open M-F from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.