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The LOcal Organic Gardening Initiative of Carbondale (LOGIC) is a registered student organization affiliated with the Department of Geography and Environmental Resources.  Using all student volunteers, LOGIC maintains a student food garden with raised beds, a hoop house and a permaculture site.  Permaculture is the practice of creating a landscape that is self-sustaining and food producing.

Student gardens provding food, education, and outreach for SIU and the community.

Maintaining a garden requires some work so we need your help! If you are interested in lending a hand, if even for one day, contact us or just show up to a designated meeting or workday.

Participate in local food: learn, dig, plant, weed, harvest, and enjoy!

SIU students started LOGIC in 2008 and have continued to run the garden as an RSO.

We grow veggies and friendships!


Find us on Facebook: LOGIC SIU Student Garden

Follow us on Twitter: @LOGICSIU

LOGIC is a Southern Illinois University Registered Student Organization

Fun in the Field Fridays

Come join us on Fridays from 2:00 to 4:00 pm to participate in gardening and friendship!

LOGIC Farm Stand

Every Wednesday from 12-4 pm in the Faner Breezeway, visit our farmstand of locally produced herbs and vegetables.