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Audrey Wagner with studentsThe GIS Club is a registered student organization (RSO) established in 2011 with undergraduate and graduate student members from several different departments. The mission of the GIS Club is to promote and expand interest in GIS within the SIU community, and help members build a portfolio of geospatial skills and knowledge for their future careers.

speaker at SIU GIS clubThe regular activities of the club include engaging with local communities for GIS data and mapping needs, conducting research activities with faculty, national GIS day events, organizing seminars and talks, and outdoor fun activities. The GIS Club aims to serve as a platform in SIU to grow a future generation of GIS professionals.
students examining gis software on laptopIts student members have completed two projects funded by grants from the American Society of Mining Reclamation (ASMR) and Friends of the Shawnee National Forest since 2016. In 2017, the GIS Club received a grant from SIU Green Fund to support the development of a region-wide digital trail map in Southern Illinois. Other activities include the organization of the National GIS Day, campus geocaching activities, various seminars and talks on geospatial techniques.

Pictures showing 2016 GIS Day event at SIU Morris Library.Trail Map