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GEOG 480: Internship in Geography

Internships provide practical, hands-on work experience.


Previous Internship Sites Include:
  • Environmental Education: SIU Sustainability Office, Keep Carbondale Beautiful, Jackson County Health Department, SIU Touch of Nature Environmental Center
  • Parks and Preserves: Giant City State Park, Green Earth Inc., US Fish and Wildlife Service: Cypress Creek Refuge or Crab Orchard Refuge
  • Agencies: City of Carbondale Development Services, National Weather Service, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Williamson County 911
  • Sustainable Food: All Seasons Organic Farm, Country Sprouts, LOGIC: SIU student gardens, Neighborhood Coop.
Julia Sanabria internship photoPrerequisites
  • Geography major or Environmental Studies Minor
  • minimum of 2.7 GPA
Kayla Newsome internship photo
  • Non-paid
  • Earn course credit
  • Work varies by site and semester
  • Supervisors determine appropriate tasks for interns
Internship Hours
student with Keep Carbondale Beautiful banner
  • 3 credit hours = 100 hours work
  • Follows semester schedule
  • Specific work schedules set by site supervisor
  • Counts toward degree like any 400-level course
Students begin by meeting with Dr. Duram to get matched with an internship site. Students are then responsible for setting up a meeting with Site Supervisor. At this meeting, the student and Supervisor will determine the tasks to be accomplished during the internship and the work schedule. Students are expected to behave professionally during the internship, and this includes:
  • Arriving at internship site on time each work day
  • Keeping scheduled work times
  • Calling the Supervisor, if an emergency prohibits students from arriving at Site on time
  • Accomplishing planned tasks
  • Asking questions, if clarification is needed
  • Being reliable
  • Behaving in a professional manner of dress, communication, and responsibility
  • Working at least the minimum number of hours for the course credit assigned
Assignments: Upload to D2L Folders
  • At least one picture of you working on-site
    • name the file with your first name, last name and internship site,
    • for example: "Sam Smith Giant City paper" or "Suzy Smith KCB poster"
  • Professional poster or 5 page final report is due by the first day of Finals. Turn in to the Faculty Adviser and Site Supervisor. Must include:
    • description of tasks/activities/projects accomplished, and
    • statement of what student learned from the internship work
    • see poster template on D2L
    • Name the file
      • with your first name, last name and internship site,
      • for example: "Sam Smith Giant City paper" or "Suzy Smith KCB poster"
Grades are based on:
  • attending and working appropriate scheduled hours;
  • completion of assigned tasks;
  • assessment by supervisor;
  • completion of internship poster/report; and
  • assessment by faculty advisor.

"The Geography Department at SIU helped me to land an internship in my field which launched my career as a GIS professional." --Phil Graff, Intern

"I was able to gain a great deal of experience, building upon what I have learned as an undergraduate and seeing science used to solve real world problems." -- Zachary Heern, Intern

"My learning experience from the internship is something that could not be replicated in a classroom. The most beneficial experience a college student can gain is from going beyond the classroom discussions and textbooks, and putting the hard-earned knowledge to good use, preferably before their graduation date." --Valerie Rasp, Intern

"The Internship Student was very self motivated and stayed completely on top of the project work. We met frequently to discuss the work he was doing and to trouble shoot any issues, but he needed no prompting or oversight on my part to continue making progress. He did an excellent job." --Stephanie Eichholz, Executive Director, Green Earth Inc.