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Pre-Professional Study

If you are preparing to enter fields such as law, publishing, technical writing, business, government, or any profession outside of teaching, you can take a program of courses designed to prepare you for success in the workplace. Increasingly, law schools, business schools, and employers are looking for applicants with good critical thinking and communication skills. Our Pre-Professional program focuses on improving these abilities. This option requires the English core and the following: 

  • One of the following (3 hours): ENGL 290 (Intermediate Expository Prose); ENGL 291 (Intermediate Technical Writing); ENGL 390 (Advanced Composition); ENGL 391 (Precision in Reading and Writing); or 392 Technology and Technical Communications()
  • One of the following: ENGL 300 (Introduction to Language Analysis); 401 (Modern English Grammars); or 403 (History of the English Language) (3 hours)
  • Either ENGL 490 (Expository Writing ) or 491 (Technical Writing) (3 hours)
  • Electives from 300- or 400-level English courses (9 hours)