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Question: Will I be able to get a job after graduation?

Answer: Yes! See What Can I Do with an English Major.

Question: How many credit hours does the English Major require?

Answer: SIU Carbondale requires 120 credit hours total for the Bachelor degree.

Question: Can I get credit for courses I have taken at other universities and community colleges?

Answer: Yes! Bring your transcripts and any course syllabi or catalog description to your first advisement meeting with the Director. He/She will try to match our courses to courses you have already taken.

Question: If I take English courses at a community college, which ones are more likely to be transferred to the English Major at SIU Carbondale?

Answer: We can usually transfer the following courses:

  • Survey of English Literature (earlier)
  • Survey of English Literature (later)
  • Survey of American Literature (earlier)
  • Survey of American Literature (later)

Question: Can I tailor the English Major to fit my needs and career goals?

Answer: Yes!

Question: Can I go on to graduate school?

Answer: Yes! Our major fully prepares you to go on to graduate studies in English in Master's, Master of Fine Arts (Creative Writing), and PhD Programs. We offer all three programs in our English program.

Question: Is the English Major accredited?

Answer: Yes! Our English Major is fully accredited by the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Question: Can I get help in deciding on courses and career options?

Answer: Yes! Our Undergraduate Director is Dr. Patrick McGrath. He will help you with courses, specializations, and career decisions.

Question: If I choose the Teacher Education Preparation specialization can I still get a Bachelor of Arts through the College Of Liberal Arts?

Answer: Yes! You are first and foremost an English Major, and we prefer you to go through the College of Liberal Arts.  You are also eligible for College of Liberal Arts scholarships.

Question: Are there scholarships I can apply for?

Answer: Yes! English has three funds available to Junior and Senior English Majors. This year we awarded a total of 26 scholarships at $500 each and 4 at $1000 each. The College of Liberal Arts also has a number of scholarships available to English majors.