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Association of English Graduate Instructors and Students (AEGIS)

AEGIS's goal is to foster professional development skills while fostering a strong community among English graduate students and graduate assistants; to encourage collaboration and academic, professional,and creative development among its members; to represent the graduate student population's interests in the Department of English, the campus community, and the general community.

AEGIS studentsAll graduate students in the SIU Carbondale Department of English (with or without assistantships), as well as graduate students in other departments at SIU Carbondale who carry assistantships in the Department of English, are considered to be members of AEGIS.

Pictured: Bailey Shaw presented with the Graduate Student Teaching Award by AEGIS President Faith Matzker.

AEGIS Constitution» (PDF)

2019 Southern Illinois University AEGIS Graduate Conference

"Stranger 'Things': Symbols, Objects and Interpretations of Literature and Culture"

February 22-23, 2019 ♦ Call For Papers» (PDF)

Previous Conferences

2018 - "A Changing Landscape: Shifting Borders and Slippery States"
2017 - "A Dystopian Future, A Dystopian Past"
2014 – “Trials, Transgressions, and Taboos”
2013 – “Revelation, Revulsion, and Revolution”

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. William Maxwell, Washington University in St. Louis

“FBI Minstrelsy:  The National Security State Writes Back”

2012 – “[in]Organics:  Analog Studies in a Digital World”

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Katherine Hayles, Duke University

“Analog and Digital Meet in a Hole:  Jonathan Safron Foer’s Tree of Codes

2011 – “Challenging Traditions in English Studies”

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Caitriona Moloney, Bradley University

“A Closer Look at the Book of Kells:  snakes, saints, and sinners digitized”

2010 – “Community and Conflict”

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Ryan Netzley, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

“Reading is Love:  Paradise Regained, Pedagogy, and the Value of Purposelessness”

Keynote Speaker:  Beth Lordan, Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

“Selected Readings from But Come Ye Back

Sponsored Presenters

October 2013 – Dr. Gordon Hutner, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“A Workshop on Academic Publishing” & “The 21st-Century American Novel:  A Short History”

October 2013 – Dr. Margot Backus, University of Houston

“’That’s what ruins children’:  Scandalous Rituals of Coded Confession in James Joyce’s Dubliners

April 2013 – Dr. Feisal G. Mohamed, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“A Capitalist Son of God:  Milton and the Neo-Marxians on Messianic and Rational Time”