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H. Lytton Wilson Collection of William Butler Yeats

The H. Lytton Wilson Collection contains both letters and manuscripts from Mrs. Wilson's time as Yeats's typist. The two letters, dated Dec. 2 and Jan. 12 (n.y.), concern Yeats's payment to her and some editing changes. The manuscripts, in various stages of drafting and completion, include: "Coole Park" from Dramatis Personae, "Introduction to Fighting the Waves," "The Holy Mountain," "An Irish Historical Note," "The King of the Great Clock Tower," "A Note on Louis Lambert," "Michael Robartes Foretells," "Somebody at Parnell's Funeral," "Three Songs to the Same Tune," and several pages of A Vision.

Of particular interest are the manuscripts from A Vision. Divided into eight parts, these drafts give the researcher an excellent insight into Yeats's composing process. For example, in the first part, some of the typed pages have more than half of the text crossed out and other pages have been completely marked out. Between the lines and along the sides of these pages, Yeats inserted corrections in his own hand. He also renumbered the pages. The corrections and insertions vary from single letters to entire paragraphs.