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Selected Arland Ussher Correspondence 1921-1959

This collection of selected correspondence of Arland Ussher, philosopher, art critic, and Gaelic scholar, consists largely of an exchange of letters between Joseph Hone, Irish critic and biographer, and Ussher. There are over 200 letters, most of them to or from Hone. The collection also includes letters from Edmund Blunden, Austin Clarke, Oliver St. John Gogarty, Jack Grene, Augustus John, William Kirkpatrick Magee, Sacheverell Sitwell, and Robert N. D. Wilson. In their correspondence, Hone and Ussher discuss philosophy, including that of Swift, Berkeley, Hegel, and Kant, as well as books by Ussher himself, including Face and Mind of Ireland. Gogarty comments on Yeats, and what the poet knew of Berkeley. A typed copy of Yeats's "Crazy Jane and the King," which Ussher apparently intended to discuss in one of his books, is housed with some of the letters between Gogarty and Ussher.

Other Irish writers, including Joyce and Shaw, are also subjects of discussion by the correspondents in this collection. In some cases, manuscripts accompany the letters. These include a four-page typescript entitled "Rossi ('Calling Lady Chatterley's Bluff') The Technicism and Unreality of Love," as well as an outline of chapters for a book, and a list of names titled "An Anthology of Modern Philosophers." In addition, the holdings contain a 1953 letter from Ussher to Mr. Spicer-Simson about the latter's photographs of Ussher's medallions of Joyce, Shaw, and Yeats.