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George W. Russell (AE)

The miscellaneous holdings concerning George Russell, also known as "AE," contain over forty letters from Russell to various people, four manuscripts, and an oil painting by AE. Ranging over the years 1907 through 1934, the letters cover such topics as AE's paintings (two letters contain sketches), the Irish political situation, and various literary matters. One file contains scattered letters, dated 1920-1934, eleven pieces in all, from AE to Gertrude Kurath, Frederick Prokosch, Dorothy Multon, and others, discussing his poetry and explaining how he adopted the pseudonym "AE." Also in the holdings, along with two letters from AE to Theodore Spicer-Simson, is a 1922 letter from Lady Gregory to Spicer-Simson concerning Yeats.

The four manuscripts in these files are handwritten, signed poems, three of which, "Midsummer Eve," "Unmeet," and "Platonics," are undated. A fourth one-page poem is dated February, 1927, and is untitled.