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Richard F. Peterson Faculty Papers 1976-1982

These papers, covering the years 1976-1982, contain critical work on a variety of authors, but a majority of the papers focus on Mary Lavin. There are thirty-one letters, mainly from Lavin to Richard Peterson, as well as the manuscript of "From Athenry to Bective: The Common Materials of Art" (chapter one of Peterson's Twayne English Authors Series book on Lavin) and catalogs of several Mary Lavin collections. There are also tapes of an interview with Lavin, some photocopied pages of an interview with Lavin, and "The Girders," an early story that remained unpublished until 1995.

The Lavin-Peterson correspondence (1976-1980) is predominately literary, concerning Lavin's career as a writer, including her dealings with publishers, with the reediting and rewriting of her stories and novels, as well as with getting grants and doing readings.

The papers contain Peterson's writings on other Irish authors as well, including three drafts of an essay on W. B. Yeats and Norreys Connell (published in the Yeats Annual for 1983), a transcript (with revisions) of Peterson's 1982 Harry T. Moore Lecture, "Joyce at 100," and uncorrected proof pages of his 1982 Twayne's English Author Series book on W. B. Yeats.