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Conal O'Riordan

  1. Conal O'Riordan [Norreys Connel] Collection

    The Conal O'Riordan collection consists primarily of letters to O'Riordan during his short tenure as director of the Abbey Theatre, following the death of John Millington Synge. Most of the letters are related to Abbey Theatre activities. The collection of over seventy letters covers the years 1907 to 1923, with the exception of one letter dated 1942. Correspondents include Sara Allgood, Leon Brody, Lord Dunsany, Lady Gregory, Patricia Hoey, Annie Horniman, Charles Joze, M. McConaghy, Lennox Robinson, George Bernard Shaw, Allen Wade, A. Patrick Wilson, and William Butler Yeats. The letters cover a wide range of theatrical subjects including various plays, the expenses of the theatre, tours, different theaters, and other theatrical personalities. Also included in the collection are two letters from O'Riordan to Yeats and one letter from O'Riordan to the Editor of the Irish Independent.

  2. Additional Holdings -- Conal O'Riordan

    Additional Conal O'Riordan holdings consist of several letters, a manuscript, and some miscellaneous documents. A few letters dated 1926-29, exchanged between O'Riordan and Leon M. Lion, concern O'Riordan's play Napoleon's Josephine. Eight other holograph letters, dated 1888-1897, are from Alice Meynell to Conal O'Riordan and to Mrs. O'Riordan. The manuscript is a typescript of a play, The Delights of Deceit, a Comedy in Three Acts, by F. Norreys Connell [pseud.], bound in three volumes.