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Selected Papers of Michael O'Neill 1949-1966

The Selected Papers of Michael O'Neill, biographer of Lennox Robinson, are composed mainly of correspondence--letters to O'Neill from friends and acquaintances of Lennox Robinson, and from Robinson himself. The majority of the sixty-nine letters from people other than Robinson are reminiscences of Lennox Robinson. Many correspondents remembered the playwright fondly, but a number noted that Robinson had his enemies. These apparently included Paul Vincent Carroll, who attacked the playwright harshly in his letter. Three of the correspondents, R. Brigid Ganly, Geraldine Cummins, and Shelah Richards, included manuscript reminiscences of Lennox Robinson with their letters. Other correspondents include Padraic Colum, Daniel Corkery, Elizabeth Coxhead (who discusses her deathbed visit to Robinson), Ernest Blythe, Denis Johnston, Sean O'Casey, John Crowe Ransom, and Mary Lavin.

The thirty-eight letters from Robinson to O'Neill contain personal correspondence and discussions of the work they were doing together on a book of Robinson's plays. Robinson also discusses plays he is writing, including his dramatization of Turgenev's Father and Son, as well as his Irish Press articles. In addition to the correspondence, the Selected Papers of Michael O'Neill include a manuscript, "Colum," and two printed articles, "Lady Gregory" and "Maurice Maeterlinck," by Lennox Robinson. There are also manuscripts about Lennox Robinson by Hilton Edwards and about James Joyce by Michael Lennon.