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Selected Papers of Eoin O'Mahony 1912-1971

The Selected Papers of Eoin O'Mahony, barrister, genealogist, newspaper columnist, radio personality, and lecturer, mainly document his time spent as a Visiting Professor in the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Department of Journalism in 1966 and as Visiting Artist in 1967. O'Mahony's papers include correspondence, several manuscripts, and various printed matter about O'Mahony.

The correspondence consists of over 100 letters to and from O'Mahony, the majority of which were written between 1965 and 1971. One of the only letters dated before 1965 is a 1912 letter (photocopied) from O'Mahony's nephew. Much of the correspondence concerns O'Mahony's activities at and on behalf of Southern Illinois University, including many responses to his inquiries about the manuscripts of twentieth-century Irish writers, which he was trying to help obtain for Morris Library Special Collections. There is correspondence about O'Mahony's failed attempt to gain a nomination for the presidency of Ireland in 1966, about his Radio Eireann show "Meet the Clans," as well as personal correspondence filling O'Mahony in on what was happening in Ireland while he was out of the country. Among the correspondence are photocopies of material on faculty and students at Clongowes, Belvedere, and University College-Dublin, for O'Mahony's work on Joyce's A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.

There are two manuscripts among O'Mahony's selected papers, both in his own hand. One is a draft, signed by the author, of "A Memory of Brendan Behan." The other consists of twenty-three pages of autograph notes, often excerpts, from Wilfrid Scawen Blunt's My Diaries (published in New York by Alfred Knopf, 1921). The printed matter includes an issue of The Clongownian (1966), an article, several pamphlets, brochures, and a report. There are also xerox copies of "Eoin O'Mahony Talking," a Sunday Review column, from January 1960 to September 1962 (128 pages).

Additional holdings for Eoin O'Mahony are comprised almost entirely of correspondence, dated 1967-1970, including a series of twenty letters between O'Mahony and Thomas Jackson regarding the possibility of locating a branch of Southern Illinois University at Doneraill Court, as well as letters to Alan M. Cohn of the Morris Library and one from Hugh MacDiarmid to O'Mahony, concerning R. B. Wilkie. With the letters to Cohn there is also some material on Desmond Guinness, touring President of the Irish Georgian Society.